1st Grade

Reading-Language Arts:  All of the reading groups will focus on important reading standards such as blending sounds to write words, comprehension, and critical analysis. We will continue to study sequencing and learn to predict what will happen. All groups will have weekly spelling tests. Remember that the spelling grade is based on the weekly tests and the application of spelling rules in daily writing. Remember to fill out the monthly reading logs. We will try to get 100% of reading logs returned by all first grade classes.

Math:  This month we will continue to focus on data, graphs, patterning, and place value to 100. When you had the conference with your child’s teacher, you were given copies of “fast facts” tests that your child took during the 1st trimester. Please use them as samples and make up more problems for your child to solve at a fast pace. If your child gets 100% on the fast facts tests but takes a long time to complete the tests, it indicates that your child has not memorized the facts.

Social Studies:  Our focus this trimester will be time and place. We will learn about goods and services as well as wants and needs.

Science:  We will be learning about living things this trimester. We will begin by studying about plants and then learn about animal characteristics. The children will make animal dioramas later on in the trimester. The dioramas will be on display at Open House.

Fine Arts:  We were scheduled to learn about Rembrandt during the 1st trimester but it was postponed until January.

Seasonal Studies:  Although February is Black History Month, our first grade team begins the study of famous African-Americans during the month of January because Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday is on January 15. We will discuss famous African-Americans in the past as well as in the present. One of your child’s homework write-a-story assignments will be to research a famous African-American hero or heroine. We will continue this focus during February.

We hope that you were able to attend your child’s Christmas program in December. We hope to see you again at Open House in March and at our Imaginary Vacation to New York City in May.

 “First Grade is a Special Place” at the Nixon Academy!