2nd Grade


The following is a list of Second Grade Skills/Standards that your child is being expected to learn during the 2nd trimester.  These skills/standards will be assessed then reflected on the March report card.  During this trimester, the students will be expected to retain the 1st trimester standards as well.

Decoding and Word Recognition

  • Reads vowel patterns:  ai, ay, ow, ou ,oa, or, ore, ar


  • Puts words in ABC order to the third letter
  • Uses dictionary guide words to find word


  • Identifies topic, main idea, and details of a story
  • Identifies cause and effect
  • Identifies problem and different solutions
  • Makes judgements about story events
  • Makes inferences about characters


  • Uses I and me correctly
  • Uses the correct form of possessive nouns
  • Ex. a boy’s shirt (singular)   three boys’ shirts (plural)
  • Writes a friendly letter including date, greeting, body, closing and signature
  • Adds specific details
  • Ex.  I had fun/ I had fun with my family at Heritage Park.

Number Sense

  • Counts, reads and writes to 1,000
  • Orders and compares numbers to 1,000 using <, >, and =
  • Adds and subtracts whole numbers with regrouping up to 3 digits
  • Solves problems using a combination of bills and coins
  • Knows and uses decimal notation and $ and c
  • Checks subtraction using addition

Algebra and Functions

  • Writes addition and subtraction number sentences for story problems
  • Ex:  Six frogs were on a lily pad..  Five frogs were on a log..  How many
  • frogs were there in all?  ( 6 + 5 = 11)
  • Ex.  Ten ducks were swimming on the pond.  Three flew away.  How many
  • ducks were left?  (10 – 3 = 7)

Mathematical Reasoning

  • Makes precise addition and subtraction calculations
  • Makes decisions to set up story problems
  • Explains decision making process.