3rd Grade


Our theme for this month will be Sunshine and Raindrops.  We will be reading stories about giving and receiving valentines.  We will also learn the letters: D,Z and the sight words “for” and “have”.  We will blend sounds to make words such as:  dad, sad, dog, ill, log, tag, sat, cat, fat, etc.  We will be reading thematic books about the presidents and Valentine’s Day.


This month we will study about community helpers such as the dentist, police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, etc.  The highlight of our study will be a visit from our local fire department.  The fire truck will be coming to our school so that the children can learn about fire fighting and fire safety.  PARENTS WE WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO COME TO OUR CLASSROOMS AND TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION!!!  Let your child’s teacher know if you are interested in speaking to the children.  The children love having visitors.Also we are excited to share our country’s hertiage with your child this month.  We will learn about President Lincoln and President Washington.  We will also learn about the penny and quarter and how each man changed our country.


We will continue our study of numbers and begin learning about addition concepts.  Be sure to check out the “At Home” activities on our math practice pages that come home each day.  These are great opportunities to review math concepts that we have learned in class.

The focus of this month’s study will continue to be life and earth science.  We will be learning about weather and landforms.  We will also begin planting in our “kinder-garden”.  We are excited and looking forward to learning about plants and watching our garden grow!  Let us know if you are able to donate any gardening supplies.  This would be extremely appreciated.


More About Third Grade.

The third grade is a year in the school curriculum. In many countries, it is the third year of primary education. Students in the third grade are eight or nine years old, depending on their birthdays. In general, third-grade students learn about numbers, letters, shapes, and science. This year of school also involves reading, writing, and math. Below are some facts about third grade. If you want to get the most out of your time in third grade, here are some tips to help you make the most of it!

In the third grade, students will improve their skills in organization, logical thinking, and problem-solving. Their knowledge of the English language is expanding rapidly and they begin using it for adult purposes. They can also make connections about the world around them and enjoy talking about books with others. For those who are worried about their child’s reading ability, this is the right time to introduce them to grade-level literature. You can even start reading to your child as early as second grade.

Three-year-olds will start learning about the earth and its various parts. They will also start using the multiplication and division skills they learned in kindergarten. They will also learn to use the multi-digit regrouping algorithm and start using larger and more complicated numbers. They will be learning about the planet and its natural processes. You will also learn how to read and write in cursive. Once you’re through with these skills, you’ll have the foundation to understand more difficult math problems in third grade.