6th Grade

Now the real work begins! Much must be accomplished to get ready for the upcoming assessments! Please continue to help us by reviewing your child’s tests & quizzes, and working on the skills which they are struggling with. We will continue to do our best to get them ready for middle school and beyond! Let’s include “Always doing our best for ourselves and others” in our Resolutions list this year! We appreciate your continued support!

Sixth grade is the first year of middle school. It is the sixth year of schooling, so students in this grade are at least eleven or twelve years old. Whether you’re a student in your sixth grade year or not, there’s always something new to learn. Here are five things you should know about 6th grade. Listed below are some tips for middle school students. You should be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a sixth-grade student.

Students in the sixth grade begin to demonstrate more independence in their thinking and writing. Developing a sense of self and independence is an important part of math education in this grade. The curriculum may vary slightly from state to state, but the focus of sixth-grade students is on making claims, extending previous understandings to algebraic expressions, and analyzing texts and information. The goal of this year is to help them develop analytical and creative problem-solving skills.

The topics of 6th grade math games should connect rate and whole-number division. These games will also help students build an understanding of statistical thinking. Some 6th grade games can be customized for specific Common Core Domains. Several websites offer free, high-quality math games that focus on the four critical areas of mathematics instruction. If you’re a math teacher, you should consider using digital resources, such as Khan Academy. You can also try searching for math-related fun online.